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    A Civil Engineering Laboratory Technician carries out a wide range of sampling and testing of civil construction materials, both in the laboratory and in the field. Civil technology is the field of drafting, cartography, traffic technology and the analysis of construction materials to support construction, engineering, and architecture for roads, bridges and other public structures. Materials testing,Construction Laboratory Technicians are responsible for sample collection and test specimen preparation in order to perform various tests of construction materials including sand, cement, bitumen, aggregate, soil, brick, asphalt and concrete blocks. They generally work under strict supervision of senior technicians, civil engineers or project managers in laboratories (laboratory technician) or at construction sites (field technician).


    The ability to learn specific, practical techniques and apply this knowledge to solve technical problems.

    Good hand-eye coordination, to use technical equipment with accuracy.

    The ability to maintain and calibrate technical equipment.

    Time management skills to work on several different projects at once.

    Flexibility for working with and providing support to a number of people.

    Atterberg Limits

    1) Liquid Limit Test Set (with all accessories)

    2) Plastic Limit Test Set (with all accessories)

    3) Shrinkage Limit Test Set (with all accessories)

    Sand Equivalent Test 

    1) Sand Equivalent Test Set (with all accessories)

    2) Stock Solution 

    3) Soundness Sieves

    4) Steel Bowl Large

    5) Sodium Sulphate 1KG Bottle 

    6) Distalled Water

    Unit Weight &Specific Gravity Test for Coarse & Fine Aggregate

    1) Density Basket 

    2) Sand Absorption Core & Tamper

    3) Unit Weight Mould 6″ Dia

    4) Unit Weight Mould 8″ Dia

    5) Pycnometer 25ml     

    6) Pycnometer 50ml

    7) Pycnometer 100ml

    Abrasion Test for Coarse Aggregate

    1) Los Angeles Abrasion Machine with Digital Autometic Stop Panel with 12 Abressive Charges with Receiving Tray with Sieve # 12

    Modified Campaction Test 

    1) Straight Edge

    2) Scoop Small

    3) Modified Compaction Mould 6 Inch Dia with Hammer 10 Lbs

    4) Standard Compaction Mould 4 Inch Dia with Hammer 5.5 Lbs

    5) Rubber Mallet

    6) Preparation Knife 

    7) Spatula Large

    8) Spatula Small

    CBR Laboratory Test Complete

    1) Additional CBRMould 6″ Dia with Base Plate & Collar

    2) Filter Screen (Pack of 100)

    3) Swell Plate Brass 

    4) Surcharge Weight (Circular)

    5) Surcharge Weight (Slotted)

    6) Spacer Disc

    7) Tripod  Attachment

    8) Dial Indicator

    9) CBR Loading Press Electric 

    10) Proving Ring 50KN

    11) Soaking Tank 48 x 98 x 24

    Field Density Test 

    1) Sand Cone Apparatus 6″ Dia (Cone + Base + Plate + Plastic Bottle)

    2) Sand Cone Apparatus 8″ Dia (Cone + Base + Plate + Plastic Bottle)

    3) Density Sand Bag Per Kg

    4) Chisel & Hammer & Spoon , Brush

    5) Digital Balance 30Kg x 5gm

    6) Speedy Moisture Tester Capacity 6gm with Mechanical Balance with    Calcium Carbide Complete in Wooden Box

    7) Chisel 

    8) Hammer

    Concrete & Cement Test 

    1) Cylinder Mould Heavy Duty 6″ x 12″

    2) Cube Mould 6″ x 6″ x 6″

    3) Digital Compression Strength Machine Capacity 2000KN with fitted Digital Display

    4) Concrete Capping Compound Per Kg

    5) Slump Cone Apparatus (Cone + Base Plate + Tamping Rod)

    6) Tamping Rod

    7) Curing Tank Heater

    8) Calcium Carbide 

    9) Hydrometer

    10) TDS Meter 

    11) Micrometer 

    12) PH Meter 

    13) Schmidth Hammer

    14) Wooden Hammer

    15) Warning Pot

    16) Rubber Gloves

    17) Leather Gloves

    18) Capping Device 

    19) Electric Concrete Mixture 

    20) Three Gang Mould 50 x 50 x 50mm 

    21) Rain Gauge

    22) Vicat Apparatus

    23) Aashto Book Set 

    24) ASTM Book Set

    25) Asphalt MS 2

    26) Laser Gun Thermometer

    Asphalt Equipments

    1) Filter Paper 3000gm

    2) Mixing Bowl Steel Large & Medium 

    3) Extruder 4″ & 6″

    4) Automatic Marshal Compactor 4″ & 6″ with fitted Digital Automatic Stop  Panel with Hammer 4″ & 6″ 

    5) Pavement Core Drill Machine with USA Engine 

    6) Diamond Core Bit 4″ Dia

    7) Diamond Core Bit 6″ Dia

    8) Trichloroethylene

    9) GMM Apparatus (Vacumm Desicator + Vacumm Pump) 

    10) Dial Thermometer

    11) Marshall Stability Machine with Proving Ring 28KN

    12) Marshall Mould with Collar & Base Plate 6″ Dia

    13) Marshall Mould with Collar & Base Plate 4″ Dia

    14) Marshall Breaking Head 6″ Dia

    15) Marshall Flow Meter

    16) Digital Water Bath

    17) Marshall Breaking Head 4″ Dia

    18) Extraction Machine 3000gm 

    19) Automatic Penetrometer Digital



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