• No 1 Civil Surveyor Course In Rawalpindi,Islamabad

    No 1 Civil Surveyor Course In Rawalpindi,Islamabad

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    This course will introduced the fundamentals of surveying measurements to provide a broad

    overview of the surveying instrumentation (Total Station, Digital Level), procedures, measurement

    corrections and reductions, survey datums, and computations that are required to produce a

    topographical map or a site plan for engineering and design projects. This course covers three main themes: 1) terrestrial-based survey measurements, 2) space-based positioning (Global Positioning

    System (GPS)) and surveying (Remote Sensing) techniques, and automated mapping with

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Fundamentals of terrestrial surveying measurements include leveling, distances, and angle

    measurements to compute Orthometric heights relative to a vertical survey datum and 2-D Cartesian coordinates in a horizontal survey datum for engineering projects.Topics photogrammetry include photography scale, and coordinate computat.

    This course introduces surveying, civil engineering, and environmental engineering students to basic plane surveying.

    It goes over fundamental surveying topics like coordinate systems, contouring, an introduction to road planning, and basic surveying equipment and how to use it.

    Land surveyors are in high demand across a variety of industries, including oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, construction, and civil engineering. Civil engineering is most commonly connected with land surveyor education.

    This course covers a long-standing need for skilled workers in this industry. Land surveyors are also in high demand in other countries. Students from our institution will receive the study materials.

    This course introduces students to transportation engineering systems and elementary aspects of civil engineering surveying. The course includes treatment of the following topics in transportation engineering: introduction to transportation systems, pavement design, analysis and modelling techniques for transportation systems, flow theory, scheduling, route planning, demand estimation and economics. Surveying topics include: linear measurement, levelling, theodolite and horizontal and vertical curves.

    This course requires field training to complete. The institute has all of the required equipment and facilities to provide field training in the surveying sector. Foreign students might also choose to complete this training in their home country.

    This course program includes extensive field practice in the use of electronic and optical instruments used to measure distances, elevations, and angles from one point to another. electronic laser and DTSA light.

    Our industry experts, as part of our curriculum committee, review the course outline from time to time and update it based on the latest industry requirements and trends around the world.

    The main surveying instruments in use around the world are the theodolite, measuring tape, total station, 3D scanners, GPS/GNSS, level and rod. Most instruments screw onto a tripod when in use. Tape measures are often used for measurement of smaller distances. 3D scanners and various forms of aerial imagery are also used.The theodolite is an instrument for the measurement of angles. It uses two separate circles, protractors or alidades to measure angles in the horizontal and the vertical plane. A telescope mounted on trunnions is aligned vertically with the target object. The whole upper section rotates for horizontal alignment. The vertical circle measures the angle that the telescope makes against the vertical, known as the zenith angle. The horizontal circle uses an upper and lower plate. When beginning the survey, the surveyor points the instrument in a known direction (bearing), and clamps the lower plate in place. 

    Civil Surveyor Course Content

    Introduction Civil Surveyor

    Classification of survey

    Principles of survey

    Chain survey

    Plotting of chain survey

    Compass survey

    Bearing system

    Drawing Scales

    Types of scales


    Technical terms

    Purpose of Leveling

    Plain table survey

    Methods of plane table survey

    Adjustment of Levels


    International College of Technical Education.

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    Civil Surveyor Practical Training Course in Lahore, Pakistan



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